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    Joel Hall Dancers & Center

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    Ms. Sinclair has been as a member of the Joel Hall Dancers for over thirty years. She is continually inspired by Mr. Hall’s visions and Urban Jazz style. It is with honor that she has danced in many of his world premieres, including El Gato Negro, The Phoenix, Nuts & Bolts, Great White Cheddak, Te Deum II, Y2 Day, The Crossing, For Marvin, Silkman Suites, An Evening with Nina Simone, Sweets for my Suite, The March and Conversations with Charles Heath. After several years as the company’s Rehearsal Director, she was promoted into the role of Assistant Artistic Director. Today she serves the organization as Artistic Director.


    In addition to breathing life into Mr. Hall’s choreography, she has worked with guest artists Sarita Smith-Childs, Lisa Johnson-Willingham, Ray Mercer, Troy Powell, James Morrow, William Gill, Joel Valentin-Martinez and Jarrett Rashad Kelly. She has traveled nationally and internationally with the company.


    She recently codified the Joel Hall Jazz Dance Method: Breathing Floor Barre LLC. After studying and performing the method during the duration of her performing career is excited to launch a teacher’s certification program through Joel Hall University. For more information go to: joelhall.teachable.com


    Ms. Sinclair holds a BA in dance from Columbia College of Chicago, a secondary teacher’s certification from Northeastern Illinois University and an MA in Theatre from Northwestern University.

  • Media

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    Chicago Dance Companies Unite for Black Dance Legacy Project

    When an artistic director faced an "unprecedented strugggle," she found an experiential approach to business to move forward. Learn More

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    Chicago Reader

    Joel Hall Dancers tap the spirit of the phoenix again. In LEGACY: Phoenix^5, the company celebrates the past and looks to the future. Learn More

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    Chicago's Notable LGBTQ Executives

    In 2018, Jacqueline was included on the first ever Crain's Chicago Business Notable LGBTQ Executives list. The LGBTQ leaders come from a wide range of sectors—finance, tech, nonprofits, media, the arts and more. All have demonstrated that they are advancing their industries, workplace equality and civic engagement in Chicago. Learn More

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    Chicago Tribune

    SummerDance 2019 is a celebration of dance in Chicago! Read about the Joel Hall Dancers performance of Y2 Day here. Learn More


    In the summer of 2018, the Chicago Tribune featured Jacqueline Sinclair's appointment of Artistic Directorship and Joel Hall's move to Emeritus. Celebrating the 45-year Urban Jazz Dance history and the new vision for the future. Learn More

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    Crain's Chicago Business

    When an artistic director faced an "unprecedented strugggle," she found an experiential approach to business to move forward. Learn More

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    The Art of Authenticity

    Art, Personal Balance, Spirituality and Jazz. Jacqueline shares her story on the podcast, The Art of Authenticity, beginning with her passion for dance in high school and her early and instinctual attraction to jazz. She continues to explore how she ‘just knew’ that dance is what she wanted to do and how she had to find a way to make this a reality. This ‘knowing’ that she refers to is difficult to pinpoint but is also something ever present in her life. She does identify the intuitive feeling and the influence that the act of dancing had on this intuition and she had serious realization while actually dancing, accessing trance-like states and what she calls her sweaty epiphanies. Learn More

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    Crain's Chicago Business

    Dancing into a new era

    When an artistic director faced an "unprecedented strugggle," she found an experiential approach to business to move forward. Learn More

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    Logan Foundation Artist Grant


    In 2021, Artistic Director Jacqueline Sinclair was an awardee of The Logan Foundation’s highly competitive Artist Grant. She joins a group of twenty Chicago-based artists working in the arts sector and forging their own paths. Learn More

  • The Work



    The Joel Hall Dancers Perform at Center on Halsted's Human First Gala


    Congratulations to Joel! The LBGTQ community recognizes your work.


    Joel Hall Dancers & Center Feature by Audience Architects


    Joel Hall's Legacy Recognized by Center on Halsted


  • Experience the Joel Hall Dancers



    Y2Day (Excerpts) | Joel Hall

    Y2Day, choreographed by Joel Hall and performed at the International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference in 2019.

    Joel Hall Dancers Promo Reel

    Featuring El Gato Negro, Conversations, Rush, See Me and Y2Day.

    The Joel Hall Dancers in Rehearsal

    Joel Hall rehearses "We the People"

  • Joel Hall University

    Become certified to teach the Joel Hall Breathing Floor Barre Method!

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